Greensboro woman taking action to get her stolen SUV back


GREENSBORO, N.C. — A Greensboro woman is taking action to help get her stolen SUV back.

Nina Smith last saw her 2018 white Nissan Murano in front of her home on Saturday evening. When she woke up on Sunday morning, the vehicle was gone.

“I worked hard for all of my things. It was my first big purchase,” Smith said. “I feel violated in a sense.”

The Greensboro Police Department was called and a report was made. During the investigation, officers learned the SUV could have been stolen on Saturday night.

“So in the morning when I called my neighbors, I asked ‘Have you seen my car?’,” Smith said. “They were like ‘We didn’t see it at eleven and thought it was strange your car wasn’t here that late at night.'”

Smith also found out that another car in the Greenes Crossing neighborhood was broken into. But it was not stolen.

“Another neighbor had their car rummaged through and they took fingerprints,” Smith said. “I am hoping for some good news.” 

Smith then went to social media to spread the news, letting people know to be on the lookout for her white SUV and to share a message to the person or people who stole something she worked so hard for.

“I don’t understand the mentality,” Smith said. “I am sure they don’t care, but I wish they would look inside themselves and realize what they are doing to people and how they are hurting people.”

Despite her pain, Smith is hoping police or someone will find her SUV.

“Ideally, it’s abandoned with fast food wrappers in my car,” Smith said. “I know that’s not realistic, but I will remain hopeful.”

Smith’s diary, which contains years of memories and thoughts, was also inside of the SUV.

Smith and Greensboro police are looking for a 2018 white Nissan Murano with North Carolina license plate HFK-6610.

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