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YADKINVILLE, N.C. — A Greensboro woman was arrested in Yadkinville Monday after detectives say she defrauded a man out of thousands of dollars.

Sherry Stanley Jimenez, 39, of Old Hickory Road, Greensboro, has been using fraudulent aliases, addresses and careers throughout North Carolina and several eastern states, eluding numerous police agencies since 2000, according to authorities.

Jimenez, originally from Wilkes county, defrauded a Yadkinville man in September 2013 of over $6,000 while she worked for him as a temporary employee.

Jimenez, who is a U.S. citizen has been using her fluency in Spanish and fraudulent immigration documents to convince others that she was a Mexican citizen. She was able to change identities, addresses, and obtain employment for many years avoiding detection and arrest.

While Jimenez acted as an interpreter for non-English speaking defendants in court, it was discovered that allegedly collected money from her “clients” for court fees and kept them for herself.

She also acted as a car broker among the Latino communities, absconding with thousands of dollars in cash, never delivering the vehicles promised.

In addition to North Carolina, Jimenez is wanted in Virginia, Florida and Tennessee.

Jimenez was served with 21 North Carolina warrants and one Fugitive Warrant for the State of Florida.  Charges include fraud, worthless checks, probation violations and failures to appear in court on felony charges.

Her bond was set at $25,350. The investigation is ongoing.