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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Guilford County Animal Control has recorded its eighth cases of rabies in 2020, with the newest case coming from a fox that attacked a woman in her bed.

The scary encounter happened on Sunday night on Pineburr Court in north Greensboro.

Julie Loflin said she was in her bed when she saw the fox come through her dog’s doggie door on the patio.

She recalled seeing the ears of the fox glide across her room before she came face-to-face with the animal when it jumped on her bed.

“I was praying that I would live,” Loflin recalled, from the moment the fox jumped on her bed.

It grabbed her by the foot and would not let go until she pried it off of her.

She then held it by its neck for more than 12 minutes waiting for police and paramedics to arrive.

“I don’t know what else you could do. Maybe throw a pillow at it, or a blanket at it, or something like that,” she said.

On Wednesday, animal control confirmed that the fox had tested positive for rabies.

Loflin has endured several shots, including a rabies vaccine. She is still in a lot of pain, but is thankful her dog Duchess, and other neighborhood pets, were not hurt.

“I left that door open to the house so she could get in. I don’t anymore,” she said.

Neighbors in the Pineburr Court area told FOX8 that they have seen more foxes coming closer to people’s property.

Animal control leaders explained that could be the case for a lot of neighborhoods.

The warm weather could be causing more foxes to move around from their natural habits; January through March is typically mating season, so more baby foxes could be walking into neighborhoods; or, foxes are moving around to find food.