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GREENSBORO, N.C. — A Greensboro woman was arrested for allegedly running a day care out of her home after the state and Department of Health and Human Services ordered her not to.

Police arrested Shamyya Johnson on Wednesday, Aug 7.

FOX8 cameras captured people dropping off kids at her home on Aug. 8, 9 and 12.

FOX8 confronted a woman at the housed who looked just like Johnson.

The woman said she was not her and the day care was somewhere else. She called the police.

The Department of Health and Human Services denied Johnson a license on June 27 after investigators found 35 violations of child care requirements over a five-month period.

Two unannounced visits to the home operating under the name of “Kids Matter Academy” revealed the operator did not conduct monthly fire drills, did not complete its SIDS training, there were no records of children’s health assessment or immunizations and the people helping to care for the children were not properly trained.

As of Tuesday, Johnson is still not licensed.

“Nothing’s changed,” said a neighbor, who spoke to FOX8 off camera. “There needs to be something done immediately.”

The woman said she and other neighbors called and emailed the city and state after noticing people bringing kids to the home about a year ago.

“I’m hoping they’ll take care of this before anything drastic happens to a child,” the neighbor said.

A police spokesperson told FOX8 that can only take action if DHHS directs them to.

DHHS says now that her license has been denied, it needs to have a complaint filed before making another visit to the home.