Greensboro transgender advocate happy to see city start Transgender Task Force

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Roselynn Arroin is a proud transgender woman who suffered a lot of pain and faced discrimination at a previous job.

“At the time my name did not match the gender that I was presenting as. They kind of got rid of me,” said Arroin, a Greensboro LGBTQ advocate.

She used that difficult situation to become a pioneer, a voice in the Greensboro LGBTQ community.

Arroin believes Greensboro’s new Transgender Task Force will help open people’s minds and create more acceptance.

“This program is a step to say that we are going to acknowledge trans people for more than just their losses,” Arroin said.

Once the task force is formed, members will look at issues surrounding policies and procedures for people who identify as transgender.

“They are just ordinary people trying to live their lives,” Arroin said.

For Arroin, it brings security and the power of knowing her fight for equality and inclusion is being recognized.

“Anything beats a failure, anything beats failure when you try,” Arroin said.

The success of the task force is based on the community’s involvement.

Six people have already expressed interest in being involved.

Those who are interested in serving on the task force can contact General Coordinator of the Human Rights Department Zaynah Afada at by no later than Monday, Dec. 7.

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