GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — The Greensboro Science Center is mourning the loss of an iconic resident.

According to a release from the center, their green anaconda Babalou passed away overnight between September 4 and 5. She was around 30 years old.

“Babs” went to live at the GSC in November of 1993. “For those that worked with her and those that visited her,” said Sarah Halbrend, Aquatics Curator, “Babalou will leave a snake-sized hole in all our hearts.”

GSC says that the average lifespan of a green anaconda in the wild is about 10 years. They live much longer in human care, with some reports of anacondas averaging 20-30 years old. A necroposy was performed Monday and initial results showed Babs may have had cancer.

Dr. Sam Young, the Greensboro Science Center’s VP of veterinary health, believes the masses to be sarcomatoid neoplasm. It will be several weeks before the GSC knows for sure.

Dr. Sam says, “Babalou was well past life expectancy and at that advanced age, the body is not as good at repairing itself and removing abnormal cells. This is why we see a higher likelihood for cancer in older animals.”

The GSC team says that they’re “grateful for the public’s compassion and understanding during this difficult time.”