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GREENSBORO, N.C. — People who live in Greensboro’s Westerwood neighborhood are preparing for Preservation Greensboro’s annual Tour of Homes and Gardens.

Unfortunately Duke Energy’s tree-cutting efforts in the area are upsetting some of the people who were supposed to participate in the tour.

Some of the trees look strange now, and homeowner Neill Clegg said part of his garden was trampled while crews removed trees and limbs.

“What we were told by Duke Power was they won’t touch any of your shrubbery. Well, they stepped all over some of these oak leaf hydrangeas. It’s not that they aren’t still above ground, but they’ve been damaged,” Clegg pointed out.

Clegg said he hired a private arborist months ago, at Duke Energy’s suggestion, to advise which limbs were too close to power lines. They had those limbs removed. But Clegg said Duke Energy was back this week to cut down more.

The process requires the company to turn off power, so neighbors complained it was slowing down their ability to complete renovations and decorating ahead of the tour.

Duke Energy District Manager Davis Montgomery told FOX8 they apologized for any property damage and would work to rectify it. He says they were notified of the tour last week. In response to complaints, Montgomery said they ceased work in the area and will reschedule it for after the tour.