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GREENSBORO, N.C. — As cleanup continues, some homeowners are finding out who is responsible for damage left by Tropical Storm Michael.

Joyce Longmire learned she would have to find someone to clean up her damaged yard on Lawndale Drive, even though her neighbor’s tree caused it.

“Had it gone a little bit further it would have fallen through my house, through my window,” she said.

She said her insurance will cover the damage, but it’s been hard finding a tree service with so many homeowners reporting damage.

Brent Burgess, a licensed agent assistant, said homeowners are responsible for damage on their own from fallen trees. She added that your neighbor could be liable only if their tree was sick or dying when it fell and you had notified them previously of the potential issue.

Crews with the City of Greensboro will clear trees that have fallen into the street, but there are restrictions on how much work crews will do.

“The city will come and clear the roadway and the right of way approximately five feet from the curb and make sure that’s the public right of way and make sure that’s clear,” Deputy Director of Field Operations Chris Marriott said. “Anything further than that would be the homeowner’s responsibility wherever the stump may be or the trunk for the tree that’s further on their property will be their responsibility.”

Homeowners can report damage to (336) 373-CITY (2489).

“We would make that call a priority to make sure all roads or lanes of traffic are open and clear for emergency vehicles and regular traffic coming through,” Marriott said.