Greensboro ranks #55 for safest drivers

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — An insurance company says Greensboro drivers rank 55 out of a survey of 200 top cities in the United States when it comes to safe drivers.

According to Allstate’s America’s Best Drivers Report, the average driver in Greensboro will experience an car wreck every 9.9 years.

Greensboro ranks 71st when population is considered, 88th when population density is considered and 50th when precipitation is considered.

“It’s interesting to see how other factors impact our city’s rankings given our local conditions,” said Adam Polak, a spokesman for Allstate “Regardless, we should thank all of Greensboro’s best drivers and recognize safe driving skills.”

How did other cities in North Carolina rank?







The insurer recommends the following for safe driving:

• Know what’s happening in the city during the time you’re driving. Find out if there are events that may impact traffic, and listen to traffic reports on your car radio. Avoid traffic jams or explore alternative routes, if possible.
• Get directions to where you’re going. Review directions carefully in advance. If you get lost mid-trip, safely pull over and wait until you feel calm enough to get back on the road, using that time to get directions, check traffic or call for help.
• Allow plenty of time to reach your destination. Stop-and-go traffic, gridlock, traffic signal stops, pedestrian walkways and events that create traffic detours can add time to your travel.
• Stay alert. Be prepared to frequently stop or slow down for pedestrians, emergency vehicles, delivery trucks, parking cars, taxi cabs, and public transportation vehicles such as city buses.
• Keep a safe distance between other drivers. Stopping safely in rain and snow takes greater lengths of roadway than in dry conditions.
• Maintain your vehicle to prepare for extreme weather. Headlights and brake lights are critical in low visibility situations – be sure they are consistently maintained along with other critical car functions such as brakes and windshield wipers.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 33,500 car crash fatalities occurred in 2012.

To view the complete Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report with these new rankings, or to see previous years’ results, visit

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