Greensboro Police release 2012 crime statistics

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GREENSBORO, NC — Property crime is way down and violent crime is slightly up in Greensboro, according to Police Chief Ken Miller.

Reports of murder, rape, and robbery all fell in 2012 while the number of assaults rose.

Property crimes like burglary, larceny and auto theft were down across the board.

Chief Miller credits community policing for the drop, saying citizens getting involved by keeping police well-informed helped to stop many crimes before they could happen.

Chief Miller said violent crimes are often relationship-driven, and that community policing will not have the same effect when the issue lies between individuals or a group of people who know each other instead of strangers.

“It’s difficult from a police perspective to police that proactively,” Chief Miller said.

To help drop violent crimes, Chief Miller suggested a family justice center.

“You’ve heard me talk about the importance of a family justice center where we have a lot of resources co- located. I think that’s of enormous importance for our community but it requires the county and the city to pull together, and with several budgetary cuts it’s just tough to make that happen,” Chief Miller said.

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