Greensboro police partner with UNCG police to tackle illegal ATV, dirt bike problem

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Greensboro police have taken a new approached to silence the roar of the engines from ATVs and dirt bikes on city streets illegally.

For the past several months Greensboro police have received several complaints. Families and shop owners have said that groups of people ride these bikes up and down city streets.

In some cases, video evidence shows drivers doing spins at intersections, narrowly missing pedestrians and blocking traffic.

“They’re causing the traffic hazards, which can cause a bunch of different accidents,” Greensboro Police Officer Jeremy Johnson said. He has been tapped to lead the charge to take these drivers off the streets.

He explained that most of the issues have come around 5 p.m. However, he and his fellow officers have encountered issues during busy weekends. Those issues include riders speeding through downtown Greensboro.

“They could easily hurt pedestrians or other families on the road,” Johnson said.

The issue of ATV and dirt bike riders illegally driving on city roads is seen in various spots through Greensboro, with larger pockets of reports from Phillips Avenue and Gate City Boulevard.

Johnson explained that Gate City Boulevard is one of the more popular roads for these drivers, “just because it’s a major thoroughfare.”

There have also been reports of riders taking Gate City Boulevard to get to the campus of UNCG.

“It’s not college students, it’s individuals coming from the city of Greensboro,” Johnson said.

The department has partnered with UNCG police to track down these individuals.

“They been monumental in helping us,” Johnson said of the partnership.

UNCG police have helped officers spot these individuals and helped contact those individuals.

When asked, Greensboro police did not have the specific number of individuals that have been arrested as a result of the partnership. However, they did explain that most of these will appear as traffic citations and are not categorized as “reckless driving with an ATV, or dirt bike.”

Greensboro police said there have been a lot of people they have come in contact with on these recreational vehicles that have become compliant with the law.

The people they are targeting are those who continue to break the law and in some cases try to outrun it.

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