Greensboro police: ‘Cluster of crime’ to start April not random, shouldn’t scare public

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GREENSBORO N.C. — Shootings and stabbings over just the last weekend in Greensboro have police answering questions about the state of violence in the city.

Many University of North Carolina Greensboro students were caught up in the violence Sunday night. That’s when a 21-year old man was shot at a cookout at the Campus Crossing apartment complex on South Chapman Street around 8:30 p.m.

Christina Patton arrived home to find cop cars at every entrance. She was scared to get out of her car.

“It made me feel like there was a criminal right beside me,” said Patton.

Police have yet to arrest anyone for the shooting but said because the victim and shooter know each other it means they’re not dealing with a random crime — and there’s no reason to be afraid that it will happen again at the apartment complex.

“You’re probably no more likely to be victimized today than you ever would be and that’s what’s comforting to us,” said Captain Mike Richey with the Greensboro Police Department. “A targeted victim means it’s not random.”

Another recent incident last Friday also involved three people who were riding in a car together down High Point Road. All were shot but all were armed as well. Richey said it’s an example of putting yourself in a dangerous situation. By avoiding those, your chances of staying away from the violence increase dramatically.

“If you’re noticing that something doesn’t feel right, turn around and leave and that will prevent most robberies and most assaults and it will prevent most shootings,” said Richey.

Greensboro has seen targeted crime spikes before. Richey said the city went several months without a homicide last year then saw several over a six-week span. That’s described as a” cluster of crime” because it’s not all being done by one person or group and is spread out across the city.

“By not having a pattern or trend in this increase and with it being separate and unrelated incidents in multiple places around the city right now that means we really don’t have this rampant random crime — that’s what scares people,” said Richey.

All the victims, including a stabbing victim on the North Carolina A&T campus early Monday morning, are in stable condition according to police.

All three suspects in the High Point Road shooting are being considered for charges.

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