Greensboro police advising people not to drive; more than 80 accidents so far today

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Adverse road and weather conditions have contributed to more than 80 traffic accidents as of 6 p.m. since snow began falling in Greensboro today.

Road conditions are hazardous.

People are encouraged to avoid unnecessary travel until conditions improve. The safest place during a winter storm is indoors. If residents stay off the roads during a storm, transportation workers and public safety officials are better able to clear roadways and respond to emergency needs quicker.

If you must be on the roadways, to reduce your chances of being involved in a crash when driving in adverse weather conditions:

  • Reduce your speed and turn on your vehicle’s headlights.
  • Allow plenty of room between you and other vehicles. Stopping distances are longer on wet and icy roads.
  • Keep your eyes open for disabled vehicles, and pedestrians who might be in the roadway.
  • Approach bridges and overpasses with caution. These areas accumulate ice first. Apply your brakes gently in these areas.
  • Avoid sudden braking. This can cause your vehicle to go into a slide.

If your vehicle begins to slide, remain calm and take these steps:

  • Take your foot off of the accelerator.
  • Do not apply your brakes.
  • Turn the steering wheel in the direction the rear of your car is sliding.

If your vehicle stalls or becomes disabled:

  • Pull off the roadway as far as possible. If safe, place a warning triangle approximately 50 yards behind your car to alert other motorists that your vehicle is ahead.
  • Turn on your emergency flashers and raise the hood or tie a cloth/flag to the antenna or window.
  • Stay in your vehicle and lock the doors.
  • Run your car just enough to stay warm. Ensure the exhaust pipe is not obstructed, and roll down your window about an inch to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • If you become stranded, call 336-373-2222 or 911 for help.

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