Greensboro mothers battling breast cancer plan trip to Rome

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Julie Christopher and Debbie Little spend most of their time having a good laugh.

It’s a bond they formed two years ago after they found out their daughters sang in the choir at Weaver Academy.

They got even closer when they realized they were both battling stage-four breast cancer.

“We can talk about it so relaxed,” said Little. “We can let our fears or feelings hang out.”

Little was diagnosed five years ago.

Christopher has been battling the disease off and on for 23 years.

It’s an illness neither Little nor Christopher says will stop them from living life.

“You kind of know, ‘I may not live to 99,’” Christopher said. “But, I don’t dwell on it cause then you get bogged down.”

Both Little and Christopher say they refuse to roll over and call it quits.

“Just because you’re stage four doesn’t mean you’re dead,” Little said.

The women are getting ready to pack their bags for a trip to Rome.

Their daughters Emily and Alexandra are singing at the Vatican with their school’s choir in June.

“Listening to them sing is music therapy right there,” Christopher said.

It’s a trip of a lifetime the women are well-prepared for.

Christopher will delay her chemo treatments for a week.

Little will continue taking her chemo pills on the trip.

They both got the green light from their doctor who said they should go.

Daughters Emily and Alexandra say their mothers are a source of inspiration.

“She’s been fighting this for such a long time,” Emily said. “She’s one of the strongest people I know.”

“I’m really proud of her for every day getting up, trying her hardest to do everything that she can to support me, to support my family,” said 15-year-old Alexandra Little.

It’s the kind of inspiration Little and Christopher hope they can share with other women.

“There’s no reason to live in misery,” Little said. “You don’t need to do that.”

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