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GREENSBORO, N.C. — A Greensboro mother, whose son was murdered in the middle of summer, is using his favorite sport to promote peace.

Quenton Harrington was shot on South Main Street in High Point causing him to crash into a utility pole. He died at the scene.

“Know that whenever these types of situations happen, there’s an impact throughout that family that falls with that one,” said Quamara Lee, Harrington’s mom.

Lee was then inspired to launch “Hooping for Black” in honor of her son.

“Even at his funeral, I had people from the church and other places come to me and tell me how they loved playing basketball with him. How he touched them on the court and how he would always come up when they were getting into altercations. He would come up and say ‘hey, let’s not fight. Let’s just have peace’,” Lee said.

Friday night, Lee watched the gymnasium fill with people who were all there to play the sport that connected her son to so many others.

And even though she’ll never see him dribble the ball down the court again, she knows he’s still watching over her.

“He would always tell me ‘mom, I got you’ and I believe he still has me now,” Lee said.