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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Days after her son was found by an unknown couple after an Amber Alert was issued, Kayla Fisher spoke out about the day her 14-month-old son went missing during a weekend visit with his father.

The incident happened early Saturday morning at 12:15 a.m. at a Valero gas station in Greensboro where Josea Petty’s father went into a store. Two men stole the car he was driving with the 14-month-old baby in the backseat. The vehicle has since been recovered.

Hours later, the child was found in a garden in front of a couple’s home. The couple called the police to get him to safety.

Fisher and Josea were reunited at Cone Health where the baby was evaluated and, since then, hasn’t left his mother’s sight.

Fisher added that she never saw this happening to her family in a million years.

She also said the father thinks this incident is not a coincidence.

She urges parents to watch over their children and never take anything for granted.

Fisher thanked the family that found Josea and kept him safe and hopes to meet them very soon to thank them in person.

She also thanked the community, FBI and Greensboro police for helping bring her family together.