Greensboro mayor issues emergency declaration reinforcing Gov. Cooper’s executive order


GREENSBORO, N.C. — Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan has issued an emergency declaration to reinforce Governor Cooper’s executive order requiring face coverings and reduced occupancy for indoor activities, according to a statement released by the City of Greensboro.

The full statement is provided below:

“Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan has issued an emergency declaration to reinforce Governor Cooper’s Executive Order 176, requiring the use of face coverings by persons in North Carolina and reducing the occupancy limits of most indoor activities.

This declaration takes effect at 5 pm, Friday, November 20 and shall remain in effect until it is modified or rescinded by the Mayor.

Greensboro City Council is declaring a State of Emergency reinforcing the provisions of Governor Cooper’s Executive Orders to protect public health, safety, and welfare of all Greensboro residents.

‘This enhanced State of Emergency does not include additional regulations,’ said Mayor Vaughan. ‘This is an effort to reinforce existing regulations, allowing the City Manager to deploy employees as needed.’

To reinforce these guidelines business owners found to have been functioning substantially in violation of these guidelines and orders shall be cited for such violations. 

They shall be cited and fined $100 for each person found to be on the premises or within any structure in excess of the limits imposed by the above-referenced Executive Orders for such premises or structures. This fine shall be a civil penalty to be enforced by City employees, such as Fire officials who make observations of non-compliant operation of structures in the City and render civil penalties. 

A warning will be issued for the first violation. Upon the second violation, any such offices and businesses shall be cited and ordered to close immediately for a period of 24 hours.  Upon the third violation, offices and businesses shall be cited and ordered to close immediately and remain closed for a period of 48 hours. A fourth violation requires offices and businesses to cited and close immediately and remain closed for 72 hours. The closures will be progressive according to non-compliance. Days when the business is typically closed are not included in the required closure.

‘I want all businesses to safely remain open and to safely send our children back to school,’ said Mayor Vaughan. ‘Until a vaccine is readily available, we must work together to stop the spread of Covid-19, by practicing the 3-Ws (Wear, Wait and Wash). Prevention is the key. Support our local business by using curbside or delivery options, especially if you cannot wear a mask.’

Offices and businesses should be in compliance with, among other things, the following specific requirements:

·         Applicable capacity limits clearly marked at all entrances

·         Compliance with such capacity limitations

·         Signage on all entrances giving notice that face covering, over mouth and nose, is a requirement to gain admission to any such office or business

·         All employees who interact with the general public wearing a face covering

·         Any employee who cannot maintain social distance from other employees consistently must wear a face covering

·         Social distancing must be maintained as per the Governor’s order

·         Hand sanitizer must be provided

For more information, resources and guidance about how offices and businesses may safely operate in the context of this COVID-19 pandemic, visit the NC Department of Health and Human Services’ webpages for guidance and its COVID-19 dashboard.”

When FOX8 asked Winston-Salem Mayor Allen Joines if he planned to do the same, he replied, “I have asked the city manager to develop a plan.”

When asked the same, High Point Mayor Jay Wagner released the following statement:

“While I realize that there are instances where people are not acting responsibly, I do not intend to further restrict business owners already stretched to the breaking point and unable to provide jobs for their employees and a livelihood for themselves and their families by the current restrictions on their ability to operate. I continue to ask our people to balance their freedom with the personal responsibility exemplified by maintaining proper physical distancing, masking and personal hygiene. The Governor has issued his emergency orders and it will be up to him to enforce them as he sees fit.”

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