Greensboro man hit while using wheelchair to cross the street

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Greensboro police are searching for the vehicle involved in a hit and run that left a man in a wheelchair with a broken leg.

It happened over the weekend on Summit Avenue just outside the small shopping area in the 1000 block of the street.

Authorities believe Timothy Notts Sr. had begun to cross the street when he was hit. The vehicle hit the left side of his wheelchair and threw him from it.

Nott was not using a crosswalk.

The driver of the vehicle then left the scene and has not been seen since, authorities say.

Notts was taken to the hospital where he was treated for a broken leg.

“It makes me angry. It pisses me off for someone to do that,” said Jacob, Timonthy’s son. “I know accidents happen, but you have to be human about it and stop to make sure the person is OK.”

He explained how hurtful is it to think that his father was left lying in the middle of the road.

“Even if it was an accident, if they didn’t see him, they still should’ve stopped and made sure he was OK," Jacob said.

Greensboro police said that, depending on the circumstances, the driver of the vehicle could face felony charges.

When asked, police could not give specific statistics of “hit-and-run” style crashes involved pedestrians.

However the numbers they did provide showed that there has been a slight increase in “hit-and-run” style incidents in 2019.

Last year there were 3,856 hit-and-run incidents compared to the 3,413 in 2018.

Police stress that this includes everything from minor fender benders to major incidents.

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