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GREENSBORO, N.C. — The Greensboro History Museum is participating in National Women’s History Month through hosting events in March.

The museum has an existing exhibit called “Voices of a City” that profiles many local heroes, both men and women. This month, tour guides will emphasize the women displayed in it. The exhibit’s history starts in the 18th century and goes through the 21st century.

“This month in particular highlights women. And you start to think of the contributions of women,” said the museum’s director, Carol Hart. “What always makes a difference to me, as I go through this exhibit, is the many, many women who have had such a big impact on our stories and our history.”

Some of the women they’ll highlight are Mayor Carolyn Allen, Greensboro’s first female mayor; Yvonne Johnson, Greensboro’s first African-American female mayor; Josephine Boyd Bradley, the first African-American student at Greensboro High School, which is now Grimsley High School; Mary Nicholson, one of America’s first women pilots and Dee Ann Staley, one of Greensboro’s first female firefighters.

“There are many stories here at the museum that make up who we are today,” Hart said.

The museum will also hold the following events this later on month to celebrate the contributions of women: