Greensboro, High Point curfews impact local businesses


GREENSBORO, N.C. — It’s a Friday night with limited time to dine out.

The 8 p.m. curfew in High Point and Greensboro is cutting into business that owners are desperately needing and customers are seeking. 

The curfew comes at a time when restaurant owners had just started to get hopeful and were counting on weekend sales to help another roadblock in their recovery. 

“Going into this week, we were looking forward to having our most ‘normal’ week yet with the dining room open even with the restrictions,” said Carver Stamey with Stamey’s BBQ.

But things changed Monday night when city leaders announced the curfew.

“With the curfew, all of the night business doesn’t really exist,” Stamey said. “People are trying to do what they’re told, so they’re not out in the afternoons even if they can eat and be home before 8 o’clock.”

He and his team are trying to adapt quickly without losing any steam in sales.

“It’s definitely hard as a business to keep tweaking and changing what you do,” Stamey said. “You have maybe a couple day’s notice or a couple of hours’ notice. It’s not easy to just change things on the fly. Having to do that is pretty difficult.”

About six miles away, Salvino’s Cucina Italiana still has a dark and empty dining room.

“It’s been a challenge financially,” said owner, Mary Speaker.

Speaker and her husband have been doing curbside pickup for their restaurant since March 14. 

They were planning to invite guests back into the space on June 4. 

“We already had probably 15 reservations for 2-4 people on the books for Wednesday night,” Speaker said. “Even with the lower capacity, we felt very confident we were going to have a good crowd.”

She realized they’d have to keep their doors closed a little longer.

“A typical dining experience is about an hour and a half, so that means we would have to cut everyone off pretty much at 6:30,” Speaker said. “Not just for our customers but to allow our staff to get home.”

She’s hoping things calm down and change soon.

“I’m all in favor of the curfew if it’s been productive. I’d like to see the curfew extended to even 9 o’clock or 10’clock,” she said.

FOX8 did speak with Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughn.

She says the curfew will continue throughout the weekend. But on Monday or Tuesday, the time could be pushed back or the curfew could lift completely. 

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