Greensboro firefighter couple trains together for the first time

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Two newlyweds with the Greensboro Fire Department trained together for the first time ever this past weekend.

Jonathan and Erin Moore met through mutual friends. Their love initially brought them together, but little did they know they’d also love the same career.

“I just celebrated 12 years in the department,” Jonathan Moore said.

“I started out just getting my EMT and then went to paramedic school and then I said ‘I think I’m going to be a fireman now,'” Erin Moore said.

Erin joined Jonathan at the Greensboro Fire Department back in January 2018 and the couple married in September. So it was a pretty big deal for the couple to practice their craft together for the first time.

“We were excited about it, because nothing excites a fireman more than burning a house down,” Jonathan said.

“Very realistic training, so you kind of put aside the fact that we’re married or anything like that. You look at it like we’re a team,” Erin said.

Jonathan works on the rescue team at station five in the center of Greensboro and Erin rides an engine company at station 63 on the east side.

“So our job functions on a structure fire are different,” Jonathan said. “The first couple of fires I was inside observing some of the fire behavior and the travel of the fire. She was on the hose line with her company.”

At the end of their practice, the department made sure they worked on an assignment together.

“They were nice enough to let us get on the hose line together at the end, which is unfamiliar to me, and got to fight fire together in that way,” Jonathan said.

The Moores said it not only helps to have parallel schedules, but it’s the support that they can provide each other that is priceless.

“What we do is kind of unfamiliar to the general public. So when you have a bad day at work and need to come home and talk about it, you got someone who actually understands what you’re going through,” Jonathan said.

“Being a female for one, we kind of take things a little more personal. We see things in a different perspective than a man does so having someone that’s out in the field and out on the line with me, I think it makes it a little easier to handle,” Erin said.

When the hoses are rolled up, the gear is put away and the boots are kicked off; Erin and Jonathan say they’re like any other couple.

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