Greensboro family thankful they weren’t home when tree smashed into house

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — A tree crashed into a Greensboro home on James Place Thursday afternoon, causing a lot of damage.

Cynith May and her husband said they had just left the house minutes before the tree fell into their home.

The tree fell into their bedroom and parts of the tree damaged their neighbor’s roof too. The Mays described how the water came gushing into the house after the tree left a massive hole on the side of their home.

“Right smack across the bed, bam! Where I’m usually laying at around that same time. Every day I’m in my room right there in that same spot,” May said.

May is grateful they left the house when they did because if not, this situation could have turned out much worse.

“I could have been in there! I could have been hurt in the hospital somewhere bleeding, broken bones and all,” said May, as she watched a tree company cut up the tree and repair the roof.

Crews spent hours cleaning up the damage, covering the hole with a tarp and removing fallen branches. Other neighbors in the area came over to make sure everyone was OK. No one was injured.

As this family cleans up and figures out where they’re going to stay they’re relieved that they left the house before the tree fell.

“Every time it rain or thunder, lightning I’m praying Lord please don’t let any of these trees fall. And he answered my prayer because I wasn’t in there at the time,” May said.

The May family has renter’s insurance to help with the damage. They had only been in the house for six months.

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