Greensboro family forced to move because of safety concerns after shooting damages home

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Dominique Lancaster says when the shooting started, she threw herself on the floor, grabbing her youngest children.

“Four babies I was holding down. Two 1-year-olds, a 3-year-old and a 5-year-old,” Lancaster said. “It was just so loud and so many shots being fired at one time all I could think about was them.”

The mother of eight sat down with FOX8 in the hotel room she’s now sharing with her children. She said since the shooting April 20 on Creek Ridge Road, she doesn’t feel safe going home.

“This is a permanent vacation, like we can’t go home. So we have to find somewhere else to stay and we haven’t found that place yet,” Lancaster said.

She has only been back to the home once since bullets tore through the home.

“I was just staring at it. And I started counting the bullet holes on the outside, but I stopped counting after 80,” she said.

Portia Shipman is working to help the family find a place to live and is raising money for them through Cash App.

“The cry for help was there,” she said. “Help this young lady feel a little bit safer, help her secure her family she can not go back home anymore, she has to start all over again.”

Shipman explained she is working to find a more permanent way to gather donations.

Greensboro police haven’t released a motive for the shooting, but a spokesperson said they believe it could be gang-related.

“At this point the word needs to go out, whether it’s gang violence or anything, ‘What are you fighting for?’ And was it really that serious that you would take out a whole house to get to one person, if that was the case?” Lancaster said.

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