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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Greensboro cyclists are warning one another after hearing that a rider was hit with an object after someone tried to pass him on the roadway. A cyclist made the post on the Nextdoor app, saying that he planned to file a report with police.

Some cyclists said the incident is a good reminder of the rules of the road and could be better avoided with additional bike lanes.

“In North Carolina we have a three foot passing rule, so you have to overtake a bicycle leaving three feet,” Mark Gatehouse said. “That’s really important because a cyclist may have to swerve to avoid a pothole.”

According to Watch For Me NC, more than 850 cyclists are hit by cars in North Carolina every year. Greensboro police say they responded to 33 crashes involving bicycles in 2017 and 23 so far in 2018.

“The three roads that go out primarily out of town, across the lakes those are bottlenecks. Lake Brandt and Church Street are the worst,” Gatehouse said. “Both of them are hilly curvy and have no shoulder, in fact they’re narrow for motoring.”

The city plans to add 75 miles of bike lanes by 2020 as part of their 2015 BiPed Plan.

Gatehouse said he urges other cyclists to educate themselves about the rules of the road as well, but says it’s a responsibility shared by drivers

“If you don’t pass that cyclist safely you’re risking their safety and well being. So think that’s someone’s mother, brother, son,” he said. “So take that minute, because it’s only going to be 30 seconds to pass safely.”