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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Retired Colonel Kevin Reinert, a 28-year military veteran, said he was never seriously hurt on the job.

But Oct. 6, while playing a round of golf, he sustained the most serious injuries of his life.

Reinert said he is one of several victims in Greensboro’s Oct. 6 crime rampage, for which police have arrested and charged Isaiah Fox on more than 20 counts.

The 61-year-old retired Air Force veteran recalled what happened on the golf course.

“It was so surreal,” he said. “It was accelerating at the time. And the individual driving had no intention of stopping.”

Reinert said by the time he saw the car coming for him, he had only a split second to react and his military training kicked in.

“I equate it to a batter facing a 100 mph fastball,” he said. “You really can’t get out of the way, so you do what you can. I knew to jump over the vehicle.”

Reinert said he hit the windshield and landed some 20 feet away. He had a broken left femur, broken knee caps, torn ligaments and tendons, and an injured right arm.

“Think about a running back getting all the knee injuries he can get… happening in one event,” he said. “Fortunately I had been trained in self-aid, so my goal was to maintain my consciousness. And make sure I didn’t go into shock.”

Reinert said his son currently serves in the Air Force and his wife and daughter are both nurses in Greensboro. He said they have all been instrumental in his care.

“They’ve come to my support and my side. I’m blessed. There are a lot of people in Greensboro who are going to have a worse night than I am,” he said.

Reinert said doctors expect it to take months before he can return to his active lifestyle.

“They said it could be as much as a year. Those are the folks who know generally the human body, but may not know me yet. I’m no quitter.”