Greensboro City Council approves Housing GSO, 10-year housing plan


GREENSBORO, N.C. — A 10-year, $50 million plan has been approved by Greensboro City Council to address ongoing housing concerns in the city.

Neighborhood Development Director Stanley Wilson said Wednesday that the plan has four primary goals: Providing affordable rental housing, neighborhood reinvestment, homeownership and supportive housing.

“Some of the key initiatives coming out of this is the creation of a preservation fund, so we can buy multifamily properties, rehab them, and keep them in service for more affordable housing,” Wilson said.

He highlighted five Greensboro neighborhoods that have been historically disinvested, saying the areas would be targeted for reinvestment.

“We’re looking at Dudley Heights, the Glenwood neighborhood, Random Woods is another one, King’s Forest and also the Mill District,” Wilson said.

Reinvestment will mean rehabbing homes, new construction, and addressing blight. People living in the Glenwood community said they’ve already noticed some improvements over the years, but they’d like to see investment continue.

“Just bring it back, just bring it back and get the neighborhood back to where it’s supposed to be,” Kecia Couch said.

“I think it’ll be a long time coming and it’s a good thing to have,” said William Byers, who owns a barbershop on Glenwood Avenue.

The Housing GSO plan would add 6,000 additional affordable units and promote homeownership and provide more supportive housing.

Wilson said the community effort also includes educational components and working with stakeholders to find what’s needed.

“One of the things that we’re really going to work with our partners to do is help people understand affordable housing, who needs affordable housing in our community and also how they can help, so as we look at implementing the plan it’s really going to be a community effort.”

People living in reinvestment areas say they’re looking forward to changes, as long as it doesn’t drive up the cost to live in the community.

“Keeping the structure of it, but just adding, making improvement of it would be a beautiful thing,” Byers said.

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