Gov. Cooper, NC lawmakers call for Trump to be removed from office after ‘violent insurrection’ at Capitol


GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP/WNCN) – Multiple North Carolina lawmakers and political leaders called for President Donald Trump’s removal following the violent breaching of the Capitol on Wednesday that resulted in four deaths.

Gov. Roy Cooper Thursday afternoon said Trump “betrayed our country and is therefore unfit to lead it. He should resign or be removed from office.”

Rep. David Price released a statement Thursday calling for Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment in order to remove Trump from office.

“Since before the election, President Trump has fomented rage among his supporters with baseless conspiracies about the election, and yesterday it manifested into a violent attempted coup at the U.S. Capitol. The President and his Republican enablers in Congress are responsible for the mob and their acts of insurrection.

“I call on Vice President Pence and cabinet members to uphold their oath to the Constitution and invoke the 25th Amendment immediately to remove President Trump from office. President Trump’s erratic behavior, his refusal to honor his constitutional duties, and his incitement of an attack on the very seat of democracy leave us no choice. It is too dangerous to wait until January 20th.

“In the meantime, Congress must do its part and that is why I am also cosponsoring Articles of Impeachment. President Trump has engaged in conduct that is both criminal and impeachable: his call on January 2nd demanding that the Georgia Secretary of State “find” over 11,000 votes and his encouragement of violent events yesterday warrant removal from office and a ban on ever holding public office again.”


Rep. Alma Adams (NC-12) said in a statement Thursday that “it is clear yet again that Donald Trump is unfit to serve as President and should be removed immediately.”

“After one of the most tragic days in Congressional history, it is clear yet again that Donald Trump is unfit to serve as President and should be removed immediately,” said Adams. “However, it is important to stress that there are different levels of incompetence, madness, and evil; no matter which of these qualities inspired President Trump to fan the flames of an attack on Congress, it is clear that Donald Trump has reached a more dangerous low point than ever before.”

“Last night, many of my Republican colleagues reversed course and abandoned this perfidious Administration. I will not cast doubt on the sincerity of their words; however, I will urge sincerity in their actions. I ask them to join me in calling on Vice President Pence and the Cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove this cancer from the White House immediately.”


Rep. G.K. Butterfield (NC-1) also called for the 25th Amendment to be invoked, calling Trump “unstable.” His statement reads in part:

“The words and actions of the President and his allies culminated in a dark and shameful day of American history. Rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol complex, disrupted official work and desecrated the building. Death, destruction and assault on our democracy were the result of the actions of this mob incited by President Trump. What we have seen over the last few weeks rises to the level of impeachable conduct. The president is unstable, which should alarm his family, his cabinet, and supporters. Unfortunately, we do not have sufficient time to engage in an impeachment proceeding. However, the Presidential cabinet should immediately discuss invoking the 25th Amendment. The American people deserve better.”


Kathy Manning, the recently elected congresswoman from North Carolina’s 6th District, says that President Trump must be removed from office immediately “whether through the 25th Amendment or impeachment.”

“President Trump invited violent rioters to the U.S. Capitol and encouraged the mob to breach the Capitol building and attempt a coup,” Manning said. “This seditious act comes just days after he was caught on tape soliciting election fraud in the state of Georgia. He must be removed from office immediately.”

Manning was among the congressional representatives at the U.S. Capitol Wednesday when a pro-Trump protest turned into a riot as people forced their way into the building as Congress met to certify the Electoral College vote.

The vote, which was completed later that night, certified Joe Biden as the winner of the presidential election.

Manning called the riot a “violent insurrection” and said, “Their actions required a frightening lock down of the House Chamber, with a harrowing evacuation of members and staff that could easily have resulted in injury or death. This attempted coup is an act of terrorism.”

The riot ended with four people dead.

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