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Good Samaritan breaks window, rescues baby in locked car at Target; mother arrested, police say


Holli Platt

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CHANDLER, Ariz. — A woman was arrested after she went shopping at Target and left her baby locked in a hot car, police say, FOX 10 Phoenix reports.

Authorities responded to an Arizona Target Tuesday and the person who reported the incident said a baby was crying and appeared to be sweating inside a locked car that wasn’t running.

The person got the baby out of the car by breaking the window, as fire officials advised.

The temperature was 112 degrees, according to dispatch, but the baby was OK except for having high blood pressure.

Holli Platt, the mother, was arrested after she came out to the car with her three other children, police say.

The children were then turned over to their father and Platt was charged with one count of child abuse.

Platt said she didn’t mean to leave the baby in the car and that she had been distracted by her other children.

Authorities called her name on the intercom and she says that’s when she realized what happened.

The baby was inside the car for 18 minutes before the rescue, investigators said after reviewing store video footage.

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