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(NewsNation) — An Indiana man is in the market for a new date night suit after running fully clothed into a pond to save a driver trapped in a partially submerged pickup.

Branden Delk was driving home from a date with his fiancé in Northwest Indiana when something caught his attention.

It was a pickup on its side, partially submerged in a retention pond. So he decided to pull over and make sure everything was ok.

There were no first responders on the scene but the car’s headlights were on, as if someone could be trapped inside. Suddenly the pickup began honking and Delk jumped into action.

“My first instinct immediately kicked in and, in my suit, I ran right into the water and climbed on top of the car,” Delk said.

His instinct was correct. There was a man trapped with water filling in around him.

With no time to spare, Delk began looking for something that could break the window and free the driver.

“We had a big street sign where I attempted to shatter it, as well as a rock but nothing was going,” he said.

Under the darkness of night and with air bags deployed, Delk couldn’t tell if the man was safe.

“The whole time that we’re trying to get this person out, we have no clue what the state of this person’s condition is. All we know is that they’re honking for their life,” he said.

A few minutes later a police officer arrived and the two were able to smash the window with a baton and pull the man to safety. Luckily, he was still alive and didn’t have serious injuries.

Delk’s fiancée Sierria Hale, said the act of bravery is part of who he is.

“He’s the most selfless person I know and that’s why I love him so much,” said Hale.

It’s still unclear what caused the accident but Delk is hoping he can meet the man he helped to make sure he’s ok.