WAXHAW, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – It doesn’t take long to understand that love makes the Scully family’s world go round.

Even in the most turbulent of times, they find strength in numbers.

They are six siblings strong, including Sawyer, twins Ava and Mia, and triplets Audrey, Elsie, and Quincy.

In particular, Mia and Quincy help each other through life and even TV news interviews.

“When I feel sad, she makes me feel better by hugging me and playing with me,” Mia told Queen City News.

Their mom, Courtney, homeschools the children and teaches them about strong people who overcame adversity.

“For our kids, it’s helpful to look at other people’s lives who have suffered and persevered through hard things. Our kids have had a really unique childhood, in that they’ve done cancer,” she said.

In 2018, Quincy was 19 months old when she lost almost all mobility, unable to even sit up. The doctor discovered a neuroblastoma tumor.

“I don’t even know that I even had thoughts other than just despair,” Courtney recalled. “Just like, ‘She has a tumor on her spine?’”

“Gosh, you don’t take things for granted after that,” said husband Jeremiah.

Quincy underwent 18 months of grueling treatment, including a month in the hospital.

“When you have cancer, it’s very hard,” she said with a heartbreaking voice of experience.

“Going through the shots,” Quincy added.

She finished her treatment almost four years ago.

Last month, folks at Capital Ford of Charlotte packed a room full of balloons that speak to her obsession with Disney. It was the perfect backdrop for a Make-A-Wish reveal.

“Surprise!” the group shouted.

“Oh, she was shocked!”

“You’re going to Disney World; your wish has been granted!” they’re told, with the crowd cheering in the background.

The whole family’s making the trek to Orlando.

“A cancer diagnosis is not anything we would wish on another kid or family,” Jeremiah told folks at Capital Ford, becoming emotional at times. “But we have been blessed along the way that are just so kind, and so generous, and show up sometimes when you don’t expect.”

It’s just what the doctor ordered. Because while things were looking up for Quincy, the family’s been grappling with another health crisis. A year and a half ago, doctors diagnosed sister Mia with lymphoma.

“You know, you feel like all the blood just goes out of you,” Courtney said.

“When I was diagnosed, I watched Quincy go through cancer,” Mia said. “And it seemed very hard. But I sort of knew what to expect because of what she had gone through.”

That’s why one wish actually lifted the spirits of eight.

“I’m excited to meet the Disney characters,” Mia said before the trip.

Earlier this month, they arrived at the “Happiest Place on Earth” at just the right time.

“To kind of have the hospital life behind us, and for both of our girls to kind of be feeling good, to be in a healthy place to really enjoy this,” said Jeremiah.

The Scullys have weathered so many storms. Perhaps because of that, they see the world through a compassionate lens.

“I wouldn’t choose what we’ve been handed, but I know that we’re all better because of it,” Jeremiah adds.

“I think going through it all together has made us all connect a little more,” said Mia.

Quincy is done with her cancer treatment. Meanwhile, Mia has one more year to go.

But as a family, the Scullys are stronger than ever.