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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) — The llama that escaped Red Dog Farm early last month has been recaptured after 5 weeks on the (l)lam(a).

The llama was captured in High Point by High Point Animal Services after apparently escaping its home. He was relocated to Red Dog Farm while they looked for his owners, but he quickly made his escape once again.

He’s been evading the authorities for several weeks, but Friday around 10 a.m. he was taken into custody in Stokesdale when a good Samaritan saw him in a goat pasture, probably not doing a great job of blending in with the locals.

  • Llama at large captured (Courtesy of Lauren Riehle)
  • Llama at large captured (Courtesy of Lauren Riehle)

With the right people and right tools, they were able to round him up into a trailer within about 10 minutes.

He was spotted pretty frequently by authorities and landowners gallivanting through Guilford and Rockingham Counties, apparently having a grand old time. He’s not a mean llama, he’s just not used to people, so over the past few weeks when he was spotted he would run away.

As far as we know, he went quietly. He’s now got a special stall so he doesn’t go on another walkabout. They plan to keep him at Red Dog Farm for the time being.

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