(WGHP) — An exceptional guinea pig is working hard to impress.

Coco the guinea pig was abandoned at a shelter four years ago. He had a bad fungal infection at the time, too. He’s made a recovery and has grown into something unexpected: Trick Guinea Pig Champion.

Coco has nine titles and has learned 70 tricks! He’s an intelligent, curious little guy.

But on Sunday he took it to the big leagues. His owner and trainer, Gwen Ford, told FOX8 that Coco would be showing off his skills for the Guinness Book of World Records! He’s working to set a record for most tricks performed by a guinea pig in a minute!

Coco’s attempt was a success, but it could take the officials at Guinness a while to approve Coco. We’ll be on the edge of our seats waiting to find out if Coco makes it into the record books.

Gwen said that she’d hoped training him for tricks would alleviate boredom and provide him some enrichment because he’s always a curious, intelligent pig. From that, it’s grown into so much more!

“I’m extremely proud of him and in perpetual awe of his talent,” she wrote.

Good luck, Coco!