Boy or girl? Catman Jr. has football-themed gender reveal party

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(WGHP) — If you’ve ever been to a Panthers game, then it’s almost a guarantee you’ve seen Catman Jr. in the stands. He took on the legacy after his father, the original Catman, passed away in 2019.

Now, Catman Jr. is getting a junior of his own.

Behind every great man is a great woman. For Catman Jr., that’s his wife Jasmine. The two grew up on the same street together and married three years ago. She knew that came with a lifetime commitment to Panthers football.

“In the beginning, I tried to push it, and then I was like this is a part of him, this is his happy place,” soon-to-be mom Jasmine Good remembered. “He’s a much better person during football season. He lights up.”

So it makes sense that when they brought their first child to the world, the Panthers would somehow be involved.

“I had my nephew and his friends out here and paint the lines on the field, it turned out pretty good,” Catman Jr. showed while pointing to his backyard spraypainted like a football field. “We wanted to have a football-themed touchdown reveal.”

“It was a given,” Jasmine added. “I just always knew when we started a family, the Panthers would be included in some way.”

When they announced their pregnancy, the Panthers even sent the couple a gift.

“They mailed me about fifteen onesies,” Catman Jr. said. “All of them Carolina Panther onesies. Different styles, different colors.”

“It made it real for us,” Jasmine exclaimed. “Like wow, we’re really having a baby.”

All unisex – because they didn’t know the gender of their baby quite yet. That all changed this past weekend.

With one of the biggest announcements of his life, Catman Jr. had to draw up the perfect play. Suiting up as quarterback, he was hiked the ball containing either pink or blue and planned to run to the endzone and throw it down to celebrate.

But Catman Jr. didn’t quite make it to the endzone. After the ball was hiked, it fell apart revealing pink powder inside.

Catman Jr.’s first child will be a girl.

“What happened was a little chip block,” Catman Jr. said of his fumble. “They didn’t squeeze the line of scrimmage tight and it kind of jogged the ball loose. It wasn’t a complete fumble. Because I had some of the ball still in my hand.”

“It went so quick,” Jasmine laughed. “It seemed like I was turning around to get out of the way, as soon as I turn back out of the way I’m seeing pink explode. I’m just like, oh!”

“We’ve got the baby on the way so that’s the touchdown – the baby. I won’t drop that one!” Catman Jr. joked.

A healthy baby that’s already a member of the Carolina fandom.

“Believe me she’ll be a Panthers fan, don’t worry,” Catman Jr. emphasized.

“Automatic Panthers fan,” Jasmine ensured. “That was a part of our vows basically. You have to be a Panther fan. That’s a dealbreaker.”

Catman Jr. and his wife Jasmine plan to welcome their baby girl into the world in mid-January.

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