(WGHP) — After a health scare, Amy Beusse is following through on a promise she made to herself months ago—not to let a second chance at life pass her by.

Since FOX8 shared Beusse’s story in July, she has moved from performing on stage to recording in the studio.

Someone approached her to record patriotic music during the election season.

During her time in the studio, music engineers took notice.

“I just knew. I was like, ‘Oh man, this is something different here,’” said music engineer, producer, and writer Kamen Della, also known as “KD.”

The self-proclaimed “Rock N’ Roll Grandma” has been given the opportunity to record hip-hop music.

Beusse and Della collaborated on the song “On the Floor.”

“People my age, people a little bit older than me, younger than me, they’re blown away because they’re not used to hearing somebody with an old timbre voice, that old soul on this modern stuff, and it’s amazing. The people love it,” Della said.

“It’s not just about an age thing, and it’s not just about a white thing, and it’s not just about what kind of music I like because at the end of the day, when you close your eyes in that room and you’re building music, there is every diversity, every age represented and that is magic,” Beusse said.

Beusse hopes to have her music available on different platforms for the public to enjoy soon.