GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Jamela Hodgson is welcoming a new chapter for a mission she has been passionate about for almost 19 years.

Hodgson, a women’s hair loss expert and owner of A Special Place Wig Salon, has been helping people build self-esteem in their appearance through customized wigs and hair pieces.

“You’re not alone. We’re here. You have a support group of women around you,” Hodgson said.

Hodgson said she started in the field primarily helping women who were losing their hair because of chemotherapy and cancer treatments but began to see the need for expanding her clientele.

“Chemo is really only a small portion of what causes hair loss…alopecia. There’s trichotillomania, which is a disorder where people obsessively pull their hair…age. Hormones. So many things,” she said.

For years, A Special Place was located on State Street in Greensboro but recently moved to 3606 North Elm Street Suite F to offer customers a service they haven’t had until now.

“The main thing that we’re adding here is the salon feature of it. We always did customization to wigs, but now I have two licensed cosmetologists on staff. We just got our salon license, so now we’re able to cut, perm, color, not only the wig but the client’s own hair in order to blend it in,” she said.

The salon will also offer longer-term services such as hair bonding.

Office Manager and client Charlotte Freeman is excited about the expansion. She understands the range of emotions that can come with losing your hair.

“I have alopecia. That’s how it started. I started having hair loss of my own when I first started working for them, and then I ended up getting thyroid disease which made me lose…all my hair. When I say ‘all,’ I mean eyebrows, eyelashes, hair all over your body,” she said.

Freeman says what sets A Special Place apart from beauty stores that sell wigs is the tailored experience.

“It’s like an instant transformation here. They come in looking and feeling one way, and they walk out of here with an entirely new attitude,” Hodgson said.