BURLINGTON, N.C. (WGHP) — It’s her first year of high school, and Alyssa Fields is certainly finding her rhythm.

She’s a drum major for Hugh M. Cummings High School in Burlington.

“Everybody’s like, ‘oh, my gosh. She’s a female. She can’t break it down’… but once they actually see me break it down, do everything a male drum major can do, then they’re like, ‘OK. she can do it. She got it,’” Fields said.

“She is an amazing leader and do not let the size fool you because when she stands in front of that band, she’s like 7 foot 3,” Band Director Gregory Milton said.

Accepting this role is a big step not only because traditionally it has been a male-dominated role, but also because Fields is a freshman.

She’s responsible for leading the entire band.

“We have some seniors and juniors that are giving her a fit, but they’re also wrapping their arms around her to say, ‘hey, we know you can do it. You got to step up,’” Milton said.

She says the feedback has been positive.

“It makes me feel good because at first, it was really hard. Now…I’m inspiring other children to do drum major…other females to do drum major…maybe they want to join band, too,” Fields said.

The band has been invited to showcase its talent at the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans on Dec. 31.

A webpage has been launched through The Alamance-Burlington School System to help the band receive donations for the trip.