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ASHEBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Women from three different companies have combined their areas of expertise for one goal: putting less in our landfills.

Samet has partnered with Reborn Clothing Company to transform its windscreen material from construction job sites into tote bags.

“When we’re done with projects, we have potentially miles of this windscreen material left over at the end of the job,” Samet Regional Director of Sustainability Tiffany King said.

Trotters Sewing Company, based in Asheboro, is Reborn Clothing Company’s sewing partner.

The women there helped transform about a mile’s worth of windscreen material into more than 160 bags.

“It shows that we as females…hold leadership positions, and we do have a good thinking process…sometimes, we can think further outside the box than what we’re probably given credit to do, so having women that’s spearheading everything in this process, I think it’s good,” Trotters Sewing Company Plant Manager Judy McPherson said.

“It literally would have been trash, and we’ve turned it into something that a lot of people are now clamoring to have their hands on,” Samet Director of Corporate Social Responsibility Ilina Ewen said.

Samet hasn’t decided how the company will distribute the bags.

Some suggestions include giving them to employees and/or clients as a token of a job site.