ALAMANCE COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) — Kicking the game winning extra point is a scenario that Eastern Alamance High School football kicker Karsyn Johnson considers a highlight of the last four years.

Her interest in football started long before she was a senior in high school.

She started playing the sport in the seventh grade as a defensive back. Eventually, she decided being a place kicker was the better fit.

She primarily kicks extra points while her teammates focus on kickoffs and punt returns.

“It was more of a people told me I couldn’t, so I was like…’I can, and I’m going to show you I can,’” she said of why she chose to play football. .

“I think from our standpoint is we just want good players, and we want good quality people, and Karsyn came out. She tried out. We don’t cut, but she’s kind of earned her way,” Eastern Alamance Football Coach John Kirby said.

Johnson has scored 49 extra points this year.

She says her leg strength since has come a long way since her freshman year.

“I couldn’t kick maybe 25 yards, but as I grow, and as I’m developed more, I get stronger,” she said.

She says she has experienced people doubting and being more critical of her performance because she is a female kicker; however, Johnson tries to disregard the negative comments.

“I think those negative words…should push you to be best,” she said.

Johnson also plays basketball and soccer.

She is both athletically and academically gifted. She is ranked in the top of her class.

The Heisman Trophy Trust Foundation recently named Johnson the Eastern Alamance High School winner in its scholarship process.