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HIGH POINT, NC — Long gone are the days were machines did all the work — goats seem to be the most cost-effective way to clear out brush and weeds.

The Southwest Renewal Foundation in High Point is using these animals to help with their efforts to revitalize the Southwest portion of the city.

The goats are clearing out nearly 4 acres of land on Kenilworth Drive near Business 85 to start things off.

Ron Searcy brought the goats down from Horse Shoe. They’re a mix of females and castrated males.

“Some of them are working on honeysuckle, vine and kudzu vines. They are eating,” Searcy said.

The organization is paying $1200 an acre for the goats to clean everything up. If machines were used the cost would be $30,000 an acre.

City Council member Mike Pugh represents southwest High Point and says this is the first time the city has ever done this.

“When you mention goats, people laughed. Now they know we mean business,” said Pugh.

The goats usually go into hard to reach areas where machines can do the job as well.

The plan is to keep them in High Point until the job of clearing the area is completed.

Pugh says that could take three to four weeks.

The organization also has plans for a park, retail space, and new homes in the years to come.