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GIBSONVILLE, N.C. — Explosions are waking people up in the middle of the night. For the past six months, people living in a Gibsonville neighborhood have reported the blasts to police.

So far, they don’t know who is behind the loud booms.

But now there is some evidence of the problem.

A mother of five recovered a homemade explosive device outside of her home on Monday.

She told FOX8 she picked it up thinking it was left over from an explosion in the area on Friday.

It wasn’t until she was on her way to the police department that she realized she was holding a live copper bomb.

Other neighbors on Wood Street told FOX8 they think these devices are what caused at least one of the five or six explosions they had been complaining about for months.

“It’s pretty scary,” Amanda Phillips said. “All of the sudden you hear that somebody is making bombs and putting them on your street.”

Phillips and her three kids live less than a block away from where the homemade explosive devices were found.

“It’s crazy, especially in a small town like this, you wouldn’t think anything like this would happen around here,” she said.

Phillips said the bombs are usually set off between 3 and 4 a.m.

The woman who found the pipe bomb put it in a baggie, placed it in her car and took it straight to the Gibsonville Police Department.

When she arrived, officers called the bomb squad and evacuated the area.

Law enforcement then used a robot to try and safely detonate the explosive device.

Both women are hoping police can finish the investigation soon.

“I don’t feel safe knowing somebody is making bombs,” Phillips said.

Gibsonville police are working to find out who is making the devices and setting them off.

So far, no one has been injured.

Police say if someone does find a homemade explosive device, do not touch it and call 911.