Gibb’s Hundred Brewing Company closing for good amid pandemic

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Gibb’s Hundred Brewing Company in Greensboro is closing for good amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gibb’s released the following statement on Facebook:

“On Sunday, September 13th at 8pm we will have one final “last call” and close our doors for good. We’ve struggled to stay afloat during the pandemic, but it’s proved to be too much.

“Thank you to everyone who made Gibb’s what it was. The beer lovers, the dog lovers, the musicians, the charities, the wrestlers, the runners, the comics, everyone who came through our doors and made it a fun space, a welcoming space, a community space.

“We especially have to thank all the folks who were on our team over the last six years – those who graced us with their ideas, their hard work and their passion. Thank you to:
Sasha Gibb, Carter Gibb, Tegan Daly, Mya Lynn, Megan Garrity, Brian Bacelli, John Priest, Ruth Weening Clark, Tommy Chesebro, Tyler Jeffreys, Erin Wille, David Grantham, Lyle Gravatt, Jessica Harris, Ross Jeffreys, Ryan Hovis, Dale Tiffany, Leslie McCarraher, William Brown, Gerald Ward, Christine Brooke, Matt Kelley, Shaina Gold, Mark Hughes, Bridget Bacelli, Aaron Wall, Geoff Young, Sam Bailey, Melanie Via, Rachel Scott, Melissa Vichittavong, Nolan Carpenter, Walt Bilous, China Morgan, Taylor Parrish Thomas, Andrew Dudek, Rachel Watkins and Kristen Jones.”

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