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Before I begin this review, do yourself a favor and go into this movie fresh — no spoilers and no preconceived notions. That means stay off Rottentomatoes.

Less than three months into 2017 and the Academy may have found its best picture of the year. If not the best, one of the best.

On the surface, “Get Out” looks ordinary. When I first saw the trailer, I blew it off as being an M. Night Shyamalan type film — meaning it would keep my attention for an hour before taking a hard nosedive.

Boy was I wrong.

“Get Out” is directed by Jordan Peele (Keanu) and features two up-and-coming film actors in Daniel Kaluuya (“Sicario,” “Cass”) and Allison Williams (“Peter Pan Live”).

The movie follows the backstory of Chris (Kaluuya) and Rose (Williams). The couple plans a weekend-long trip to introduce Chris to Rose’s parents when things start to take an odd turn.

“Get Out” respectfully deals with issues of racial tension, mixing it perfectly with wit and genuine creepiness.

The perfectly-paced 104-minute film is compelling throughout, never leaves the audience asking questions and is a true psychological thriller.

Rottentomatoes gave “Get Out” an unbelievable 99% and while I believe the movie was terrific, I prefer to settle at 90%.

THOUGHTS: There’s no doubt that “Get Out” is the best that 2017 has to offer thus far.

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