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RALEIGH, N.C. — A 42-year-old Georgia man has been identified as the worker killed in a construction site trench collapse in Wake County on Wednesday, WNCN has confirmed.

Frank “Trey” Warren Thompson III, 42, of Dalton, Georgia was killed when a trench collapsed at a gas station construction site near T.W. Alexander Drive and Glenwood Avenue.

Thompson is survived by his wife, Kelley Camp Thompson, and his son, Tyler.

As WNCN previously reported, four construction workers became trapped after the trench collapsed.

While three of the workers were rescued within an hour, Thompson did not make it out alive.

The North Carolina Department of Labor is investigating the collapse and officials said it could be months before they know exactly what happened.

The Fire Department told WNCN there was no trench barrier in place at the construction site where the four workers were working on Wednesday. In addition, the fire officials said there were no shoring or ground pads.

On Thursday, WNCN learned the company overseeing the construction project is DR Mozeley, a company based in Georgia that has been in business for more than 60 years.

The company would not talk on camera, but officials said on the day of the collapse they had contracted with the company J Squared Plumbing out of Georgia.

DR Mozeley officials said that J Squared Plumbing was scheduled to work on a water meter assembly in a three-foot well, not in a deeper trench.

The company told WNCN they are sending their thoughts and prayers to the victims involved in the collapse and that they are “committed to following all industry safety standards.”