SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – Gas prices in the Carolinas could continue to rise due to higher oil prices caused by what experts described as global supply concerns.

The average price of gasoline in South Carolina is $3.39 a gallon, an increase of 7 cents from last week and 24 cents more than a month ago, according to AAA. That price is still 34 cents lower than this time last year.

AAA said North Carolina’s current average gas price is $3.54, up 10 cents from last week and 32 cents from March. The price is 28 cents lower than the same time last year.

The average price for a gallon of gasoline rose 9 cents nationwide to $3.64 but remains 44 cents lower than a year ago.

According to AAA, the price of crude oil rose by 2% to reach a 2023 high of $83 per barrel, which could amount to a 5-cent increase at the gas pump.

Gas demand in the U.S. decreased last week which would normally push prices down, but AAA said increased oil prices have instead pushed them higher.

If the trend continues, gas prices would continue to rise.