Gangs run rampant in Alamance County

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ALAMANCE COUNTY, N.C. — The growing amount of illegal immigrants moving from Mexico to Alamance County has meant a drastic increase in gangs, drugs and other violent crimes.

“Right here, this restaurant right here… it’s wide open on the drug trafficking,” said Alamance County Sheriff, Terry Johnson while a touring of several streets in Burlington.

“Right here, right here is a location that is run by a cartel family member.  That building there… numerous, numerous gang members, drug dealers,” said Johnson

Major drug dealers selling cocaine, marijuana and meth move the drugs to states in the northeast for a big profit.  Officers have busted a lot of deals, seized tons of drugs and guns, and arrested hundreds.

“Right now there is no secured border.  They can say what they want to and law enforcement is the one that is feeling the squeeze,” said Johnson.

Johnson said more than half of the inmates at the county’s jail are there because of using and selling drugs or committing crimes to support their habit. 

“What the dope dealers do… know someone selling drugs and a stash house for the money… they’ll kick the door down to rob these people… the problem is, many times the information they get is not credible information on exact location of a house,” said Johnson.

The dealers will rob the wrong house and hurt or even kill innocent people. 

“We had a home invasion the other week… where a 65-year-old woman was shot.  She didn’t have anything to do with no drugs or anything.”

Johnson says it’s a constant battle trying to get the thugs off the streets.

“We’re not going to win it until we secure the borders,” said Johnson.

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