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HIGH POINT, N.C. — “They say working out gives you endorphins, but I think decorating your space brings you the same feelings, so much joy and happiness, and there is so much value in that,” said High Point Furniture Market Stylespotter and interior designer Arianne Bellizaire.”

Bellizaire says her clients all have such different tastes, but there is one thing they all have in common: no one has loads of money. She scoured the Market’s massive showrooms to scope out furniture finds that won’t break the bank.

“You want to buy pieces that last, have durability and are family friendly because then they have so much more value,” said Bellizaire, as she pointed to a bed in the Dwell Studio showroom. “You want to buy pieces that aren’t kiddie kiddie, so with a change of bedding, it can last through their teenage years and their college years and you can even send it off with them when they get their owns homes.”

She says one big, chunky, versatile piece may be all you need to change the entire look of your space. A couch in the Michael Amini showroom is $2,000, but has 5 huge sections to it. If you don’t need the whole thing, you can just buy pieces of it.

“If a new couch isn’t in your budget,” she says, “textiles, think pillows, are the easiest, most ecnonomical way to spruce up your look. Pair a geometric print with a solid. For $40 a pillow, you will feel like it’s a new couch.”

Bottom line, though, she says it’s not really about paying for a new piece of furniture, but about how that furniture makes you feel in your home and that that is priceless. “If you feel good in your home, when people drop by or just when you’re there in your haven, you’re proud and that’s just a really wonderful way to feel.”