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MIAMI — A Florida family said they’re upset after a funeral home stopped their baby’s funeral after mixing up his casket.

Family members said it happened as they gathered around the gravesite and placed flowers at the marker. They said they had just watched the casket lower into the ground.

After that, the family says officials from Elijah Bell funeral home stopped the service to switch caskets.

The funeral director reportedly had to tell the grieving family the baby they thought they buried wasn’t in the casket.

The family’s infant boy, Netfa Jabari Malcolm, Jr., died March 2, just two weeks after he was born premature.

Relatives said they caught workers on camera carrying a white casket in what appeared to be covered with a pink blanket for a baby girl’s funeral.

Family members said that the funeral home staff then wanted to open the casket to verify the body.

The family said the funeral home then asked if they wanted another service once the mistake was discovered.

Elijah Bell, the owner of the funeral home, declined to comment on the situation.

The family said they are speaking with an attorney to explore legal options.