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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. – Allie Zuppo got a surprise on her way home Monday afternoon.

Family, friends, and classmates lined the street near her home holding signs reading “Welcome Back Allie” and “Allie Strong.” They cheered as a fire truck and police escort preceded before her.

“She kind of freaked out at first, she goes ‘oh no, what is all this,’ and I said, ‘you deserve it,’” said Meredith Zuppo, Allie’s mother.

Her mom says she deserves this type of welcome home celebration after being in the hospital for 214 days.

Allie was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2018.

“She is absolutely a miracle,” said Zuppo.

For the past seven months, she’s been receiving treatment at two facilities in the state most of the time under sedation.

“She realized she missed Christmas, and then she missed her class trip to Washington, D.C. Then she missed the fifth-grade formal, so we’ve had a lot of ups and downs with those things that she’s missed,” said Zuppo.

Doctors did not think she would survive.

Monday afternoon, classmates from Northern Elementary welcomed her home by giving gifts and warm hugs to show how much she’s been missed.

“I’ve missed her presence…I’ve really missed her always making you smile and laugh,” said Sara Bissell, one of Allie’s friends.

Allie’s Leukemia is in remission, but she’s already overcome more than doctors expected.

“Don’t ever take no for an answer and don’t ever think that the impossible might not happen,” said Zuppo.

Since Allie missed Christmas and several of her fifth-grade events, her family is planning to give her a big celebration for her birthday in June and Christmas in July.

Allie’s goal is to be healthy enough to attend her fifth-grade graduation in June.