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GREENSBORO, NC — The Friendly Center in Greensboro will undergo a seven to ten million dollar renovation from February to November, according to the shopping center’s general manager Brad Rogers.

Rogers said his company, CBL & Associates originally planned the renovation for 2006, but put the plans on hold due to the recession.

“Last year we saw Sears remodel their exterior. Whole Foods came in. It just seemed like a natural progression to start those conversations again about remodeling,” Rogers said.

The shops that will be affected are mainly on the east side of the shopping center. Many of them have the same white lettering over a green background for signage.

Now each store will be transformed into a kind of modern architectural quilt, similar to the newer Shops at Friendly to the west.

Rogers said his goal is to have the renovations done and the construction equipment out of the way by Black Friday.