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BURLINGTON, N.C. — A Burlington dad who created a video that’s gone viral is trying to get used to the spotlight.

“I just posted the video on YouTube because that’s what I do with all of my projects, but someone saw it and then it just kept going,” says Eric Hart.

Hart is the prop maker at Triad Stage. His son Collier has been in the NICU at Duke since he was born in July. “We just wanted to feel like a regular, healthy family and wanted to bond with our son.”

Hart handcrafted a tiny, adorable Ironman costume for his 4-month-old son for Halloween. The video he made of himself making the costume and of his son, Collier, wearing the costume has been viewed nearly 800,000 times on YouTube.

Hart has been blown away by the response.

“People have messaged me from all over the world because their child is in the hospital and they identify with what we’re going through. Then others say that the video makes them realize how lucky they are to have a healthy child.”